Special Companions Program

The Special Companions Program helps adopters looking to adopt harder-to-find pets, including puppies/kittens, purebred animals, declaws/long hairs or small dogs. When a potential match for the adopter arrives at the shelter, the people on the Special Companion Program list are notified first, before the pet is available to the general public. This service is available for a $35.00 donation, and many of our animals are adopted through this program.

If you'd like to become a Special Companion applicant, download one of our Special Companions Membership Applications today! There is a specific application to be a companion for a dog, or a companion for a cat, so please download the appropriate application. To join the program, you will then submit a Dog Adoption Application or Cat Adoption Application along with your Special Companion Membership Program application.


Looking for a special type of pet? Become a Special Companion Applicant for $35 and for the next three months we will do our best to locate the pet you seek. The following is our policy on the Special Companion Membership:

  • We cannot guarantee that we will find you an animal within a certain time frame; however, we will continue to contact you within the three month time period.
  • When filling out the pre-adoption application, please be as accurate as possible when describing the type of pet you prefer. For example, note that if you indicate that want an older dog, we will not call you if we get in puppies 3 to 6 months of age. If you want a medium or large dog, we will not call you when we have small dogs. If you request a specific breed/mix breed, for instance a Lab or Lab mix, we will not call you if we get in a German Shepherd or a Germen Shepherd mix, or a Terrier mix, etc., we will call you only when we get in a Lab or Lab mix.
  • When we bring in a pet that either fits or comes close to the description of an animal you want, we will give you a call after the animal has been checked out by the veterinarian and temperament tested. A pet cannot be adopted prior to this.
  • On occasion, there are several families looking for the same type of pet. In that case all those applicants will be called. The pet is then available on a first come, first serve basis. Becoming a member does not guarantee you a particular animal.
  • When you receive a call from us, you will be given a day and time period for the set Special Companion hours to come and visit with the pet. Children and other pets may be required to visit within this time frame. After that time period, the animal will be put up for adoption to the general public, meaning that someone walking into the premise that is not a Special Companion applicant can adopt.
  • We cannot accept payment over the phone for a particular pet and we cannot accept payment for a pet with which you have not visited.